Final declaration of the "World Muslim Minorities Summit"

Here is the text of the final declaration issued at the end of four-day "World Muslim Minorities Summit” held in Istanbul under the title:  “Basic Problems, Solutions and Cooperation Opportunities"

In the world, which has been the scene of rapid and radical changes in the last two centuries, imperialist occupation and colonial politics has condemned the majority of the world's population to starvation, poverty and chorus. Discourses and practices such as racism, social exclusion, xenophobia, xenophobia, discrimination, Islamophobia, which nourish this grave picture, disregard human life and dignity and destroy common moral and conscientious values ​​of mankind. This situation also reduces the hopes of mankind for good and for the future.

Especially in the geographies where Muslims live as a minority, the increase of dirty and profitable political projects on racism and ethnicity are increasingly narrowing Muslims' freedom of movement and freedom, making their social and cultural institutions dysfunctional. Everyone has great responsibilities in the individual, institutional and social sense in the name of correcting this situation. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Religious Affairs is Aware of this, both Muslim societies will produce both shed light on the solutions to all of humanity's basic problems, it will contribute to building a better world and will be the basis of the joint action plan.

As a result of the "World Summit on Muslim Minorities" meeting held with consultation and consultation for four days, the benefit is shared in sharing the following points with the world public opinion:

1- Throughout history, Muslims as representatives of Islamic religion and civilization have presented the most exclusive examples of law, justice, equality, compassion and good morality in the geographies where they live and in the civilizations they have created, and have been the patrons of minorities, oppressed and victims. Today, problems and crises in the individual, social and global dimensions can be solved and overcome by the reunification of Islam with the principles of right, law, mercy and compassion.

2. It is the most natural rights of all minorities to protect themselves without discrimination of religion, language, race, color, sex and geography, to preserve their cultures, beliefs, tongues, to develop social and traditional structures and educate their young generation with this consciousness. The right of Islam, the right to life, of reason, of religion and of the inheritance, of human rights and freedoms to be protected in every circumstance and circumstance that is inherent in all mankind is essential for the peace, security, peace and stability of the earth.

3. No minority, regardless of the geography of the world, abandons its cultural values ​​due to humiliation on the basis of nationality, gender, color, culture, religion and language, suffering from persecution and injustice, suffering and difficult conditions and helplessness. or disobedience, assimilation and / or genocide is a crime against humanity. In the present day when human rights and fundamental freedoms are guaranteed by international agreements, neglect, abuse, violation and attacks on the rights and freedoms of ethnic and religious minorities cannot be accepted and explained in the name of the civilized world.

4. Ethnic and religious minorities, education, health, work, etc. In the fields there are the rights to benefit from all kinds of social rights and facilities provided by the state on the basis of justice and equality. Multiculturalism and coexistence law are indispensable for democratic societies and countries in real sense, respecting human dignity and rights. Any secret or open discourse, propaganda, activity or formation that violates this shall be strictly prohibited by deterrent legal acts.

5 - 11 September 2001 The multifaceted oppression and attacks targeting Muslims on the pretext of terrorist attacks continue to increase in many parts of the world. All approaches and practices that disregard rights and freedoms should be regarded as an irresistible responsibility to all states, international institutions and institutions, without exception, to prevent any kind of violence against the freedom of belief and worship, whatever the cause and effect.

6- religious values ​​under the cloak of religion and abusing people clean their feelings by instruments of concepts menial ambitions, that make them the objects and victims of violence, in fact all one of our great religion of the project product is a terrorist organization is not looked nothing about Islam and its intimate beliefs. Coarse, shallow, solid, lafızc of tekfirc love and understanding and practice of violent, compassion, mercy and justice to find references from Islam, the religion can never be in question. Moreover, it is also clear that this kind of understanding, approach and formations give the greatest damage to Islam and Muslims.    

7- Islamophobia, a project of Islamic hostility, is a serious human rights issue with dirty interests and racism behind it. Islamophobia, Islam, showing only an ideology that fosters violence and terrorism, it is a dark and treacherous projects working with artificial world to spread fear among the public. This concept is the real purpose of trying to put the literature, and in any case must, cultures, societies, religions and the fight between civilization is to remove it by creating friction and conflict. Thus animosity between people of different faiths and communities is essential to be considered a crime against humanity seeds of Islamophobic activities that serve no purpose other than bread.

8- It is clear that colonial and invasion policies and the global problems that arise in the aftermath are most influenced by the geography of Islam. The ongoing terror and war in countries like Arakan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen have meant the lives of millions of Muslims, their abandonment of their homeland and their hunger and poverty. Unfortunately, the greatest victims of this painful and embarrassing taboo are innocent children, women and the elderly. It is an urgent task and responsibility for all persons, institutions, organizations, society, state and international organizations in the name of dignity and honor of humanity, to end all kinds of occupation, attack, terror and war.

9- There has also been a serious increase in racist attacks and rape on the immigrant and refugee communities in various parts of the world, especially in the West, targeting the homes, places of worship and workplaces of all these communities, as well as diachronic, hateful and discriminatory rhetoric against ethnic and religious minorities . The neglect shown in the implementation of justice by the founding of the crime's factions encourages racist rapes and crime-carrying carriers, as well as undermines the law and strengthens the perception of discriminatory and double standard policies in the countries in question. It is inevitable that this hypocritical, contradictory and illegitimate attitude will open irreparable harm to the peace and well-being of the societies.

10- Recently, Jerusalem is a futile effort that will not go beyond enlargement of work, fortune, fight and chaos to make capital of an invader community. We strongly condemn and refuse this reckless approach that will not do anything other than ignore humanity, the tradition of caste, international law, obstruct peace and foment conflict. For all Muslims, Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and will remain forever. Muslims have always been in favor of the Masjid al-Aqsa and Palestine, as they have been in the face of occupation and oppression throughout history and alongside all the oppressed. 

11- Muslim minorities all over the world should, above all, strengthen friendship, solidarity, dialogue and co-operation among themselves, and develop consultation methods and strategies for joint solution of problems. Internal problems must be resolved without being converted into a fitna and a fight, and should be acted with common sense under the guidance of the Qur'an and Sunnah.

12- In Islam, knowledge, wisdom, wisdom, and morality are a whole. Throughout history, Muslims have achieved hope and confidence in the world through a moderate and embracing approach based on reverence, reasoning, and reasoning. Today, all Muslims should refrain from all kinds of words, understandings and behavior that harm unity and solidarity, disturb peace and rest, cause corruption and discrimination, accusatory and otherizing.

13- It is inevitable that the ethnic, sectarian, and masculine differences, which are in fact members of the Mercy, are the means of corruption and denigration, brotherhood and unity. The transformation of the problems of Islamic societies into chaos, chaos, and fighting is a convenient excuse for external interventions and makes matters entirely incomprehensible. Therefore, Muslim communities have to find methods of solving their own issues in a procedural way, with mutual tolerance and understanding, without hesitating to self-criticize and confront them when necessary.

14- Muslim Minorities shall demand and follow their civil rights in respect of the administrative and legal norms of the countries they live in. In this sense, it is important to create a structure that is organized, equipped, open, transparent, enveloping, peaceful and peaceful with organizations at local, national and global level.

15- Everywhere Muslims should be, they should be living peaceful, sympathetic, graceful, good moral values, and be a peacekeeper who introduces humanity to the benevolent and bright principles of Islam. Likewise, examples and successful work in all areas of social, political, economic and educational life must exist with steps that give hope and confidence.

16- deep structure of the Islamic geography, corruption, and a sinister and dark serialized structure established as a terrorist tool Feton terrorist organization, on July 15, 2016 has been disclosed that the introduction treacherous coup attempt in Turkey. This religious exploiter terrorist organization that has devised and destroys the concepts of Allah and the Prophet, Islamic concepts, human and conscientious values ​​is a global threat and a threat to both the Islamic religion and all Muslims on earth. This dark organization, made by Fetullah Gulen, is trying to maintain treacherous activities with the support of global wartime fathers, taking on the role of religious service. Today, especially those who choose Muslim minorities as their target mass, they should be careful and sensitive to the terrorist organization and should never be respected for their propaganda. In this regard, 

17- It is obvious that there are dirty interest relations behind DEAŞ, Boko Haram, Eş-Shabab and similar organizations, which especially arise in Islamic geography and who abuse violent concepts of Islam and apply violence and terror. These puppet terrorist acts of power and power wars, sneaky global projects are ruining cities, destroying the historical, cultural, aesthetic and architectural heritage of Islamic civilization. These terrorist organizations, which do not bring anything but blood and tears to the Islamic lands and kill the Muslims constantly, are especially fooling the young people of occupation geographies, immigrant or minority masses, It is a vital responsibility for all Muslims to work cooperatively to prevent young people from falling into the hands of subcontracting terrorist organizations. In this context, the right, truth, 

18- Muslim minorities, an integral part of the Islamic societies in the world, are in constant communication with the umma consciousness, brotherhood morality and the law, and it is essential that they act in unity and cooperate and develop collaborations for problems and needs. In this context, experience sharing and collaborations, particularly in religious education, religious publications and religious services, should be strengthened and institutionalized.

19- It is clear that Muslim minorities are able to exist with their fundamental rights and freedoms in the society they live in, to offer positive contributions to the country and the world they live in, with qualified human beings. Qualified human power will be provided with an effective and quality education. In this sense, Muslim communities should establish international educational institutions and research centers that will take new steps to strengthen their co-operation in education and culture, contribute to a better and peaceful life and contribute to the construction of the world. In addition, these institutions should be centers that work, analyze, and produce scientific and literary publications, projects, strategies and develop the basic problems and solutions of Muslim minorities. 

In this framework, the "Foundation for Solidarity with International Muslim Communities (MÜDAV)" was established by the Presidency of Religious Affairs in Ankara to carry out studies in the fields indicated above.

[Editor’s note: This is machine translation from Turkish language.]

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